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With the recent censuring of subject matter, groups and personal pages on Facebook, I decided to set-up my own website where conservatives could come and enjoy being able to converse with other conservatives without the left bashing or censuring that we are all too aware of.

Be forewarned ... since I own this website, I reserve the right to censure anyone whom I feel is being detrimental to the group (this means you Trolls).  Also, everyone is responsible for their own posts.  While I will be monitoring, there may be some comments that pop-up before I have a chance to review or remove them.  If such comments do pop-up, please do not respond to them as that only encourages the trolls to post more.

I also understand that there will be some emotional and/or conflicting opinions, however, I will not tolerate anyone coming on this website who is here to be belittling or inflammatory in nature.

I would ask that we all try to be civil to each other.


I will not tolerate any post, memes or images that are generally considered to be illegal or offensive (e.g. naked people, drugs, etc.).


I hope you all will take the time to go through the different menu items and if you have a suggestion of something you would like to see added or any articles that you would like to see added , please let me know.

The first six menu items are informational only but the forum is designed for you to be able to comment on subject matter posted.  Please bear with me as this is all new to me so it may take me a bit of time to make sure I am moderating appropriately.

Please be sure to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting the WWG1WGA website and I hope you enjoy and feel at home.  Feel free to contact me at